Information for parents

Away from home

The start of studies, training or just a longer internship and thus moving out of the parental home is an exciting, emotional time. Do you want a safe home, a suitable community and an optimal environment for successful learning?

We create the optimal living experience for young people: rooms for personal development and for exchange with like-minded people. Staff who are there for your child on site and a network for direct contact with science and business. Joint activities for unforgettable experiences and valuable experiences. Anyone who lives in Casa Mar is not alone, but part of a lively, cosmopolitan community. For a carefree start into the new phase of life. I stand for this with my name and from the experience of two daughters in college.


Study room

Large common room

with the latest equipment such as whiteboards, etc



incl. washrooms, devices


Events, partners for internships, practical semesters, starting a career


E-bikes, car share